Bill Hooley grew up in a blue collar family.  His father worked for over 20 years in a steel mill, while his mother worked various jobs to help make ends meet.  Bill is married to Christy (Young )Hooley, a graduate of Green River High School and former educator for Sweetwater School District #2.  They have been married for almost 13 years and have two daughters and one son.  He is active in his LDS faith.  Bill  is an avid sports fan and has recently had the opportunity to be the assistant coach for the local freshman boys basketball team.  Prior to his new passion for coaching Bill was an active Utah and Wyoming high school and junior college basketball official.

familypic (2)Prior to moving to Wyoming he was a partner of a painting company who employed 11 full time employees. This experience gave him a deep respect for the need to create jobs, find the right person for each job and follow through with commitments.  He takes pride in being able to say that he was able to complete each job in a timely manner and upon schedule.  Many hours were spent late at night and into the early hour mornings to make sure that jobs were done on time and his word was kept.

Bill has always been quickly promoted to management positions in nearly every career endeavor.   This experience has given him strong skills in leading and listening.  He knows that great leaders need to be willing to listen as well as lead with a goal in mind.

For the majority of Bill’s time in Wyoming he has worked in the Oil and Gas industry. Currently, he is employed as the sales and marketing consultant for Warrior Energy in the Wyoming Region.  His passion for politics has been fueled as he sees his everyday life being effected by non-elected officials.

Bill looks forward to the opportunity you will grant him to represent Green River in the Wyoming House of Representatives.